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With NODHA Drives Solutions, our company, an excellent manufacturer and supplier in many product segments, focuses its competencies along the drive system on established and in particular future-oriented industries in international mechanical and plant engineering.
  • Heavy Duty Industry
    Heavy Duty Industry

    Sheaves / Flywheel for Jaw crusher
    Shafts / Locking device / Gears
    Mining Bearings / Mill pulleys
    Conveyor pulleys / customized parts

  • Building Machinery
    Building Machinery

    Engineering machinery bearings
    Pulleys / sprocket for bulldozer
    Building machinery driving parts

  • Agricultural Machinery
    Agricultural Machinery

    Sprockets / Pulleys for harvester
    Shafts / Bushings / Hubs
    Drives for feeder machine
    Customized machining parts

  • HVAC / Cooling Tower
    HVAC / Cooling Tower

    HVAC Sheaves / Taper lock bush
    HVAC belt pulley / Bolt on hub
    Cooling tower aluminum pulleys
    Air conditioner fan bolt in hubs

  • Keyless locking assembly
    Keyless locking assembly

    Keyless locking assembly
    Customized timing belt pulleys
    Taper locks / Motor shafts

  • General Drive System
    General Drive System

    Belt drive / Chain drive / Gears
    Motor pulley / Motor base
    Taper lock bush / QD bushings
    Motor shaft / Weld in hubs

  • Garden & Wood Machinery
    Garden & Wood Machinery
    Belt drives for Garden machinery
    Pulleys and sprockets for wood mill
    Customized parts for Wood Grinder

  • Customised Drive Solutions
    Customised Drive Solutions
    Customized heavy duty pulleys
    Engineering solution / CAD
    Large special timing pulleys
  • Material Handling system
    Material Handling system
    Sprockets for Material handling system
    Round belt pulley / Flat belt pulley
    Sheet metal fabrication / Poly-v pulleys