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Custom made chain sprockets from China supplier

High quality and precision non-standard sprockets are manufactured by Nodha Drives..
Nodha Drives manufacture and xeport industrial sprocket, agricultural sprocket,conveyor sprocket,customized sprocket, made to order sprocket, etc.

Sprocket type: 06B, 08B, 081B, 083B, 084B, 085B, 086B,10B, 12B,16B, 20B, 24B, 28B, 32B
ASA35/40, ASA50, ASA60, ASA80, ASA100, ASA120.
Finished bore sprockets, taper bore sorockets for agricultural machinery.
Plate wheel for conveyor chain, Idler sprockets with ball bearings.
Double single sprockets platewheels. Stainless steel sprockets.
Material: Zinc plated, Black oxide, or Oil.