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  • HTD timing pulleys
  • Taper lock timing pulleys
  • QD bushing timing pulleys
  • Aluminum timing pulleys
  • Customized timing pulleys
  • Motorcycle timing pulleys
NODHA DRIVES, one special manufacturer of transmission parts,
we manufacture and supply different kinds of timing belt pulleys.

   ●  HTD timing pulleys 5M 8M 14M
   ●  L H XH series timing pulleys
   ●  Aluminum timing pulleys T5 T10 AT5 AT10
   ●  5MGT 8MGT 14MGT timing pulleys
   ●  Toothed timing bars 5M 8M 14M
   ●  Timing idler pulleys
   ●  Timing bars T5 T10 AT5 AT10
   ●  Motorcycle timing belt pulleys

HTD timing pulleys 5M 8M 14M

    5M-09, 5M-15, 5M-25, teeth from Z12 to Z72, material Aluminum or Steel.
    8M-20, 8M-30, 8M-50, 8M-85, Z18 to Z192, material Aluminum or Steel.
    14M-40, 14M-55, 14M-85, 14M-115, 14M-170, Z24 to Z192, material Steel.

Timing belt pulleys 5MGT 8MGT 14MGT

    5MGT-15, 5MGT-25, Mat. St. or Al, Teeth Z18 to Z112.
    8MGT-20, 8MGT-30, 8MGT-50, 8MGT-85, Mat. St. or Al.
    14MGT-40, 14MGT-55, 14MGT-85, 14MGT-115, Mat. St. or Al.

L H and XH series timing pulleys

    L050, L075, L100, teeth Z18 to Z120, Mat. Steel or Aluminum.
    H075, H100, H150, H200, H300, teeth Z14 to Z120, Mat. Steel.
    XH200, XH300, XH400, teeth Z18-Z34, Mat. Steel or cast iron.

T2.5 T5 T10 AT5 AT10 aluminum timing pulleys

    16-T2.5 pulleys, teeth from Z12 to Z60, Material Aluminum.
    21-T5, 27-T5, 36-T5 pulleys, teeth Z10 to Z60, Material Aluminum.
    31-T10, 40-T10, 47-T10, 66-T10 pulleys, tZ12 to Z60, Material Aluminum.

Timing bars

    HTD 5M 8M and 14M aluminum timing bars, length 200mm.
    T5 T10 AT5 and AT10 aluminum timing bars, length 200mm.
    NODHA DRIVES accept customized timing bars as per the request.

Timing pulleys bore selection:  

    Pilot bore with keyway, Taper bushed bore, QD bushing bore, splined bore.

In addition, we can manufacture custom timing pulleys: 

   ●  Timing pulleys with internal spline
   ●  Special synchronous pulleys
   ●  Large size timing pulleys
   ●  Double row teeth pulleys

If you can't find your suitable pulleys, pls contact us.
  • Hubed Sprockets
  • Taper bushed sprockets
  • Hardening teeth pulleys
  • Finished bore sprockets
  • Splined sprockets
  • Industrial sprockets

NODHA DRIVES sprockets plant, was established in 1977, producing quality
sprockets and platewheels for the area of industry, agriculture, mining, etc.

   ●  Roller chain sprockets 
   ●  Roller chain platewheels
   ●  Finished bore sprockets
   ●  Taper lock sprockets
   ●  Chain conveyor sprockets 
   ●  Idler sprockets with ball bearing
   ●  Double single sprockets
   ●  Stainless steel sprockets
   ●  QD bushed sprockets
   ●  Chain elevator platewheels
   ●  Table top wheels
   ●  ASA sprockets
   ●  American standard sprockets
   ●  Metallurgical sprockets

Roller chain sprockets and platewheels - DIN8187, ISO-R606 

    06B 3/8'' x 7/32'', 081B 1/2'' x 1/8'', 083B/084B 1/2'' x 3/16'', 085B 1/2'' x 1/4'',
    08B 1/2'' x 5/16'', 10B 5/8'' x 3/8'', 12B 3/4'' x 7/16'',
16B 1'' x 17.02mm,
    20B 1'' 1/4 x 3/4'', 24B 1'' 1/2 x 1'', 28B 1'' 3/4 x 1'' 1/4,
32B 2'' x 1'' 1/4
    Simplex, duplex and triplex sprockets with finished bore, or taper bore.


Finished bore sprockets - DIN8187, ANSI

    DIN8187 standard- 06B-1, 08B-1, 10B-1, 12B-1, 16B-1, 20B-1, 24B-1.
    ANSI standard- No.35, No.40, No.50, No.60, No.80, No.100.
Sprockets with finished bore, keyway and screws.

Taper bored sprockets and platewheels - DIN8187, ISO-R606

    Sprockets type - 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B, 20B, 24B, 32B
    Plate wheels type - 06A, 08A, 10A, 12A,16A, 20A, 24A, 28A
with simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, multiplex.
    Sprockets and platewheels with taper bush from 1008 to 4040.

Idler sprockets with ball bearing - DIN8187, ISO-R606

    Pitch 3/8'' x 7/12'' Z21, Pitch 1/2'' x 1/8'' Z18, Pitch 1/2'' x 3/16'' Z18,
    Pitch 1/2'' x 5/16'' Z16 Z18, Pitch 5/8'' x 3/8'' Z14 Z15 Z17,
    Pitch Pitch 3/4'' x 7/16'' Z13 Z15, Pitch 1'' x 17.02mm Z12.
    Pitch Sprockets with ball bearing 203 and 205.

Chain conveyor sprockets and platewheels - P50 - P75 - P100

    Pitch 50mm / Pitch 75mm - Roller 25mm, Roller 31mm
    Pitch 100mm - Roller 31mm, Roller 40mm
    Sprockets and platewheels with stock bore or finished bore.


American standard sprockets

    ANSI standard- No.35, No.40, No.50, No.60, No.80, No.100.
Sprockets with finished bore, QD bushings, or split taper bushing.

In addition, NODHA DRIVES supply other sprockets and platewheels,
as well as the custom made sprockets.

  • Spur gears
  • Helical gears
  • Spiral gears
  • Splined gears
  • Customized gears
  • Worm gears

NODHA DRIVES supply spur gears, bevel gears, spiral gears, worm gears, splines, etc.

   ●  Spur gears

   ●  Bevel gears
   ●  Spiral gears
   ●  Helical gears
   ●  Worm and Worm gear
   ●  Pinion and Gear shaft
   ●  Planetary gear and carrier
   ●  Reducer gears
   ●  Agricultural machinery gear
   ●  Custom made gears
   ●  Gear rings
   ●  Splines

Spur gears -standard / custom made  

    Mod. 2, Mod.2.5, Mod.3, Mod.4, Mod., Mod. 5, Mod.6,
    Mod. 8, Mod.10, Mod. 12, Mod.16, Mod.20
    3/4'', 1-1/2'', 1-3/4'', 2'', 3'' inch spur gears.
    Gear structure: Hub, plate, inner spline, bushing, etc.

Helical gears -standard / custom made

Outside Diameter Min.30mm, Max. 1500mm
    Pitches Mod.2--Mod.20, 64DP--6DP
    Face width 1'', 2'', 3'', 4'',5'', or more.

Spiral gears -Custom made

    Outside Diameter Min.50mm, Max. 1500mm
    Pitches Mod.2--Mod.20, 64DP--6DP
    Pressure angle 20°, Available in both Metric and Imperial sizes
    Plain and Spigot type Internal Gears are available

Bevel gears -standard / custom made

   Module from 2 to 20, perssure angle 20° and 14-1/2 degree.
   Gear structure: Hub, plate, inner spline, bushing, etc.

Pinions and custom made gears are available on request.
Material: Steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel

Gear ring, Splines

   Module from 2 to 10, diameter from 50mm to 800mm
   Gear ring structure: inner ring and outer ring.

Surface treatment : 

    Oil, Black oxide, Zinc plating, Teeth hardening,
    QPQ, Shot-peening, Carburizing and Nitriding.

  • Taper lock pulleys
  • Pilot bore pulleys
  • Poly v pulleys
  • Mi-lock pulleys
  • AK BK sheaves
  • QD sheaves

For more than 40 years, our engineers help you in designing the
best-suited to
your need V belt pulleys and sheaves.

   ●  Taper lock pulleys SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ
   ●  Solid hub pulleys SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ

   ●  Locking device pulleys AV, BV, CV
   ●  Light duty sheaves AK, 2AK, BK, 2BK, AK-H, BK-H
   ●  QD sheaves for A-B, C belts

   ●  Variable pitch sheaves 1VP 2VP

   ●  Mi-lock pulleys and Mi-lock bushes

European standard V- belt Pulleys:

    SPA63, SPA67, SPA71, SPA75, SPA80, SPA85, SPA90, SPA95, SPA100,
    SPA106, SPA112, SPA118, SPA125, SPA132, SPA140,SPA150, SPA160,
    SPA170, SPA180, SPA190, SPA200, SPA212, SPA224, SPA250, SPA280,
    SPA315, SPA355, SPA400, SPA450, SPA500, SPA560, SPA630, SPA800.

    SPB100, SPB106, SPB112, SPB118, SPB125, SPB132, SPB140, SPB150,
    SPB160, SPB170, SPB180, SPB190, SPB200, SPB212, SPB224, SPB236,
    SPB250, SPB280, SPB300, SPB315, SPB335, SPB355, SPB400, SPB450,
    SPB500, SPB560, SPB630, SPB710, SPB800, SPB900, SPB1000, SPB1250.

    SPC150, SPC160, SPC170, SPC180, SPC190, SPC200, SPC212, SPC224,

    SPC236, SPC250, SPC265, SPC280, SPC300, SPC315, SPC355, SPC375,
    SPC400, SPC425, SPC450, SPC475, SPC500, SPC560, SPC630, SPC710,
    SPC800, SPC1000, SPC1250, SPC1400, SPC1500, SPC1600, SPC1800.

    Pulleys for taper lock bush, or with solid hub. Grooves from 1 to 12.

Locking device pulleys:

   Pulleys including 3 types: SPA, SPB, SPC, also called AV, BV and CV.
   Each pulley with pilot bore, bore diameter
Ø55, Ø65, Ø80 can be choosed.
   Pulley pitch diameter min. 90mm, max. 500mm, grooves from 1 to 6.
   Pulleys for locking devices ( Locking assembly ).

Variable pitch sheaves - 1VP and 2VP
   Sheaves for 3L,4L, 5L, A, B, and 5V belts   Light duty Bored to size
   1VP40, 1VP44, 1VP50, 1VP56, 1VP60, 1VP62, 1VP65, 1VP68, 1VP71, 1VP75.
   2VP36, 2VP42, 2VP50, 2VP56, 2VP60, 2VP62, 2VP65, 2VP68, 2VP71, 2VP75.

QD sheaves for A-B, C belts:

   A-B combination groove QD sheaves, groove 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10.
   C section QD bushing sheaves, groove 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.

   Heavy duty sheaves with QD bushing, or split taper bushing.

AK sheaves and BK sheaves

  AK30, AK32, AK34, AK39, AK41, AK44, AK46, AK49, AK51, AK54, AK56, AK59,
    AK61, AK64, AK66, AK69, AK71, AK74, AK79, AK84, AK89, AK94, AK99, AK104, 
    AK109, AK114, AK124, AK134, AK144, AK154, AK184.

    BK30, BK32, BK34, BK36, BK40, BK45, BK47, BK50, BK52, BK55, BK57, BK60,
    BK62, BK65, BK67, BK70, BK72, BK75, BK77, BK80, BK85, BK90, BK95, BK100,
    BK105, BK110, BK115, BK120, BK130, BK140, BK160, BK190.

In addition, NODHA DRIVES produce aluminum pulleys, mining machine pulley,
flat belt pulley, flywheels, mi-lock pulleys, and poly-v pulleys.

  • Taper bush
  • QD bushing
With bushing & Hubs, we have a large amount of inventory, so we can
match your urgent orders.

Taper bush / Taper lock

Size range:

1008,1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020,
3030, 3525, 3535, 4030, 4040, 4545, 5040, 5050, 6050, 7060.

All size machined from gray cast iron GG25, or steel C45.
Surface treatment with phosphating.

QD bushing / Split taper bushing

Size options:

H, JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, SF, E, F, J, M, N, P, W, S.
G, H, P1, P2, P3, Q1, Q2, Q3, R1, R2, S1, S2, U0, U1, U2, W1, W2.

All size machined from ductile iron GGG40, or steel C45.
  • Bolt on hub
  • Taper bushed bolt on hub
  • Weld on hub

NODHA DRIVES supply bolt on hubs and weld on hubs for fan industry, cooling tower, HVAC system and air conditioner fans, etc.

● Bolt on hub / Center boss

SM type: SM12, SM16-1, SM16-2, SM20, SM25, SM30-1, SM30-2.
BF type: BF12, BF16, BF20, BF25, BF30.

BH type: BH12, BH16, BH20, BH25, BH30, BH35, BH40, BH50.
DA type: DA150, DA180, DA230, DA280, DA380.

Selection of material: cast iron GG25, or steel C45
Surface treatment: Phosphating, Paint spray, Electrophoresis.

● Weld on hub / Taper bored hub

TB bushing weld on hubs

WM12, WM16-1, WM16-2, WM20, WM25, WM30-2, WM30-3,
WM35, WM40, WM45, WM50, WM60, WM70.

WH12, WH16, WH20, WH25, WH30, WH35, WH40, WH45,
WH50, WH60, WH70.

QD bushing weld on hubs

JA-A, SH-A, SDS-A, SK-A, SF-A, E-A, F-A, J-A, M-A, N-A, P-A, W-A.

Split taper bushing
weld on hubs

HH1, HCH1, HP1, HCP1, HP2, HQ1, HCQ1, HQ2, HR1, HR2,
HS1, HS2, HU0, HU1, HU2, HW1.

All weld -on hubs material with steel.

  • Locking assembly
NODHA DRIVES supply 18 series locking assemblies for your option.

If you can't find suitable shaft keyless locking, pls tell us,
we will design for you for your locking requirement.

Size option:

Lock 7110 Lock 7130 Lock 7131 Lock 7132 Lock 7133 Lock 7134

Lock 7139 Lock 7200 Lock 7250 Lock 7300 Lock 7350 Lock 7400
Lock 7401 Lock 7450 Lock 7500 Lock 7603 Lock 7622 Lock 7681

For more information, pls ask us for the E-catalogue.
  • Tyre coupling
  • FCL coupling

Two types of coupling for your option, tyre coupling and FCL coupling.

Tyre coupling

Size and model section:

F40, F50, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F110, F120, F130, F140,
F160, F180, F200, F220, F250.

Tyre coupling including three style: Type B, Type F and Type H.


FCL coupling

FCL90, FCL100, FCL112, FCL125, FCL140, FCL160, FCL180, FCL200, FCL224,
FCL250, FCL280, FCL315, FCL355, FCL400, FCL450, FCL560, FCL630

NODHA DRIVES accept customized coupling with finished bore and keyway.

  • Motor base

Select NODHA motor base, select the low cost but high quality and good service.

   ●  SMA series motor base
   ●  Adjustable motor mountings

   Type / Size:

    SMA210, SMA270, SMA307, SMA340 
    SMA380, SMA430, SMA450, SMA490