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  • Special poly v pulley
  • Aluminum die casting
  • Steel parts
  • Splined hub
  • Planetary gear carrier
  • Aluminum flange
  • Inner splined coupling

For more than 30 years, our engineers help you in designing the
best-suited to
your need machined components.

   ● Steel machining components
   ● Aluminum machined components
   ● Cast iron machined components

Steel machining components manufactured as follows:

    Precision pinion, splined hub, gears, offset, steel pins, taper plate
    Flange, screw hubs, bolt in hub, block, adapter sleeve, couplings

    Planetary gear carrier, shaft bushings, bearing clamp, cover

Aluminum machined components manufactured as follows:

    Aluminum hub, flange, offset, offset, aluminum pins, aluminum taper plate
    Aluminum screw hubs, bolt in hub, block, adapter sleeve, couplings, cover

    Aluminum bushings, aluminum disc, aluminum support

Cast iron machined components manufactured as follows:

    Cast iron flange, cast iron disc, screw hubs, sleeves, couplings, cover

    Pulleys, sheaves, cast iron hubs, casting parts, electric saw disc

Surface treatment:

    Black oxide, Electrophoresis, Carburizing and nitriding
    Anodizing, Zinc plating, painting, black phosphating


    Motor, Agriculture machinery, Mining, Metal machinery, Garden machine
    Chemical, Textile, Electrical appliance, pipe cutting machine

 Customized drawings and requirements are accepted.
 Any requirement, pls contact NODHA sales center.