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V-belt pulleys
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For more than 30 years, our engineers help you in designing the best-suited to
your need V belt pulleys, Poly-v pulleys and custom made pulleys.

   ●  Taper lock pulleys SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ
   ●  Solid hub pulleys SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ

   ●  Locking device pulleys AV, BV, CV
   ●  Light duty sheaves AK, 2AK, BK, 2BK, AK-H, BK-H
   ●  QD sheaves for A-B, C belts

   ●  Variable pitch sheaves 1VP 2VP

   ●  Mi-lock pulleys and Mi-lock bushes
   ●  Poly-v pulleys, Multi-wedged pulleys

European standard V- belt Pulleys:

    SPA63, SPA67, SPA71, SPA75, SPA80, SPA85, SPA90, SPA95, SPA100,
    SPA106, SPA112, SPA118, SPA125, SPA132, SPA140,SPA150, SPA160,
    SPA170, SPA180, SPA190, SPA200, SPA212, SPA224, SPA250, SPA280,
    SPA315, SPA355, SPA400, SPA450, SPA500, SPA560, SPA630, SPA800.

    SPB100, SPB106, SPB112, SPB118, SPB125, SPB132, SPB140, SPB150,
    SPB160, SPB170, SPB180, SPB190, SPB200, SPB212, SPB224, SPB236,
    SPB250, SPB280, SPB300, SPB315, SPB335, SPB355, SPB400, SPB450,
    SPB500, SPB560, SPB630, SPB710, SPB800, SPB900, SPB1000, SPB1250.

    SPC150, SPC160, SPC170, SPC180, SPC190, SPC200, SPC212, SPC224,

    SPC236, SPC250, SPC265, SPC280, SPC300, SPC315, SPC355, SPC375,
    SPC400, SPC425, SPC450, SPC475, SPC500, SPC560, SPC630, SPC710,
    SPC800, SPC1000, SPC1250, SPC1400, SPC1500, SPC1600, SPC1800.

    Pulleys bore selection: Taper bushed bore, prepare bore, finished bore.

Locking device pulleys:

   Pulleys including 3 types: SPA, SPB, SPC, also called AV, BV and CV.
   Each pulley with pilot bore, bore diameter
Ø55, Ø65, Ø80 can be choosed.
   Pulley pitch diameter min. 90mm, max. 500mm, grooves from 1 to 6.
   Pulleys for locking devices ( Locking assembly ).

Variable pitch sheaves - 1VP and 2VP
   Sheaves for 3L,4L, 5L, A, B, and 5V belts   Light duty Bored to size
   1VP40, 1VP44, 1VP50, 1VP56, 1VP60, 1VP62, 1VP65, 1VP68, 1VP71, 1VP75.
   2VP36, 2VP42, 2VP50, 2VP56, 2VP60, 2VP62, 2VP65, 2VP68, 2VP71, 2VP75.

QD sheaves for A-B, C belts:

   A-B combination groove QD sheaves, groove 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10.
   C section QD bushing sheaves, groove 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.

   Heavy duty sheaves with QD bushing, or split taper bushing.

AK sheaves and BK sheaves

  AK30, AK32, AK34, AK39, AK41, AK44, AK46, AK49, AK51, AK54, AK56, AK59,
    AK61, AK64, AK66, AK69, AK71, AK74, AK79, AK84, AK89, AK94, AK99, AK104, 
    AK109, AK114, AK124, AK134, AK144, AK154, AK184.
    BK30, BK32, BK34, BK36, BK40, BK45, BK47, BK50, BK52, BK55, BK57, BK60,
    BK62, BK65, BK67, BK70, BK72, BK75, BK77, BK80, BK85, BK90, BK95, BK100,
    BK105, BK110, BK115, BK120, BK130, BK140, BK160, BK190.

In addition, Nodha Drives produce aluminum pulleys, mining machine pulley,
flat belt pulley, flywheels, mi-lock pulleys, and poly-v pulleys.