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Section Last update Size
Timing belt pulleys
HTD timing pulleys - 5M 8M 14M 20M 02/15/2017 980KB
Timing belt pulleys - L H XH series 02/15/2017 930KB
Timing pulleys - 5MGT 8MGT 14MGT 02/15/2017 260KB
Aluminum timing pulleys - T5 T10 AT5 AT10 02/15/2017 210KB
Sprockets, Platewheels
Standard sprockets - 06B 08B 10B 12B 16B 20B 24B 28B 32B 02/15/2017 250KB
Platewheels - 06A 08A 10A 12A 16A 20A 24A 28A 32A 02/15/2017 120KB
ASA sprockets - ASA35/40 ASA50 ASA60 ASA80 ASA120 02/15/2017 230KB
Finished bore sprockets - with bore, keyway and screws 02/15/2017 180KB
Taper bushed sprockets - with taper bush 02/15/2017 665KB
America standard sprockets - with QD bushing or finished bore 02/15/2017
V belt pulleys
Taper bush pulleys - SPZ SPA SPB SPC 06/02/2017 1178KB
Pilot bore pulleys - SPZ SPA SPB SPC 02/15/2017 960KB
Variable speed sheaves - 1VP 2VP 02/15/2017 555KB
Light duty sheaves AK 2AK BK 2BK AK-H BK-H 02/15/2017 102KB
Poly V pulleys - J K L M 02/15/2017 420KB
QD sheaves for A-B, C belt 02/15/2017 1370KB
Gears, Pinions, Worm gears
Spiral gears 02/15/2017 66KB
Spur gears, Helical gear 02/15/2017 79KB
Worm, Worm gears 02/15/2017 87KB
Pinions, Gear shafts 02/15/2017 45KB
Taper bush, QD bushings
Taper bushes - Size 1008 to 5050 02/15/2017 77KB
QD bushings 02/15/2017 210KB
Split taper bushings 02/15/2017 45KB
Bolt on hubs
Bolt on hubs - SM12, SM20, SM25, SM30 02/15/2017 100KB
Weld on hubs
Weld on hubs - Type WH, WM 02/15/2017 168KB
Locking assembly
Locking assembly - Lock 7110 to Lock 7683 02/15/2017 900KB
Motor base
Motor base - SMA series 02/15/2017 130KB
FCL coupling 02/17/2017 120KB
Tyre coupling 02/17/2017 110KB
Shafts, Axis
Motor shafts 02/17/2017 200KB
Mechanical shafts 02/17/2017 300KB
Gear shafts, Worm shafts 02/17/2017 180KB
Splined shafts 02/17/2017 130KB