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Timing belt pulleys

HTD timing pulleys - 5M 8M 14M

Timing belt pulleys - L H XH

Aluminum timing pulleys - T5 T10 AT5 AT10

V-belt pulleys, Sheaves

Taper lock pulleys - SPA SPB SPC SPZ

Solid hub pulleys - SPA SPB SPC SPZ

Locking device pulleys - SPA/AV, SPB/BV, SPC/CV

Light duty sheaves AK 2AK BK 2BK AK-H BK-H

QD sheaves for A-B, C belts

Variable pitch sheaves - 1VP 2VP

Mi-lock pulleys / Mi-lock bushes

Taper lock bush, QD bushings

Taper lock bushes

QD bushings

Split taper bushings

Locking assembly

Locking assembly / Locking device

Motor base

Motor base - SMA series

Sprockets, Platewheels

Sprockets - Type B - Simplex, Duplex, Triplex

Platewheels - Type A - Simplex, Duplex, Triplex

Finished bore sprockets

Taper lock sprockets

Idler sprockets with ball bearing

Double single sprockets

Chain conveyor sprockets


Spur gears

Bevel gears

Spiral gears

Worm gears


Bolt on hubs

Bolt on hubs - SM12, SM20, SM25, SM30

Weld on hubs

Weld on hubs - TB type / QD type


FCL flexible couplings